Current Ferrous Prices

Current Ferrous Prices at Martinsburg Scrap:

At Martinsburg Scrap, we do our very best to keep customers informed. See below for a list of our current Ferrous Prices.

For more pricing information contact our buyer, Andrew at (301) 458-5921 during normal business hours.

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Ferrous – Martinsburg
$8.00 per 100lbs
Cars $9.50 per 100lbs
Bus$7.00 per 100lbs
Unprepared P&S$8.50 per 100lbs
#1 Unprepared$8.50 per 100lbs
Cast$11.50 per 100lbs
Prepared P&S$11.50 per 100lbs
#1 Prepared$11.50 per 100lbs
Falca$14.00 per 100lbs
Cast Motor$8.00 per 100lbs
Aluminum Motor Transmission$8.50 per 100lbs
Torchable $2.00 per 100lbs
Trailer$3.00 per 100lbs
Aluminum Trailer$14.00 per 100lbs
Steel Trailer$8.00 per 100lbs
Rebar$2.00 per 100lbs

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*Prices subject to change